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Translation is always best left to native professionals.

Professionals, because we can get the job done accurately and efficiently, leaving you free to focus on what you do best.

And natives?

Because no matter how good their English, a non-native speaker will struggle to communicate all the subtle nuances of a text.

They might be able to write accurately, but they’ll find it hard to do so naturally, truly connecting with an English-speaking audience.

Rather than simply translating your words, I focus on communicating the meaning behind them. Sometimes, for the best results you have to get a little creative, rather than translating literally.

Rely on my efficient, accurate native English translation services for your texts in Swedish or Finnish.



Perhaps you’ve already had a document translated from Finnish or Swedish to English, but need to make sure the meaning has been communicated accurately.

After all, mistakes in your copy or content could end up proving expensive, so it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

When I revise a text, I go through the translation with a fine-tooth comb, comparing it to the original source text, correcting errors or making stylistic changes.



If you need to have your English texts given a final once over to make sure they’re error-free, then I also provide monolingual proofreading services.

With my eagle eye, I’ll tidy up any spelling or grammar mistakes and make sure the text flows well.

Areas of expertise


No matter how good your original marketing texts are, you need an experienced marketing translator to push the right buttons in English. From sales funnels and blog posts to product descriptions and newsletters, I can help.

Travel and tourism

Having explored the delights of Scandinavia and the greater Nordic region from a foreigner’s perspective myself, there’s nothing I love more than translating web content, menus or brochures that will appeal to international visitors.

Corporate communications

As well as B2C communications, I help Nordic-run global companies foster a sense of unity by ensuring they have internal communications materials that all their staff around the world can understand.

Food and drink

I’m passionate about gastronomy and understand just how much work goes into your small, growing business in the food and drink industry. Currently studying for my WSET Level 1 Award in Spirits, this is where my personal interests and professional skills blend together beautifully.

Certified translations

As a qualified member of the ITI for Finnish and Swedish to English, I can provide certified translations of personal documents or certificates for official purposes. Perfect for anyone who finds big translation agencies a little overwhelming and prefers a personal approach.

Any questions?

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Any questions?

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